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Entry #2

New header & pic thing...

2007-12-02 20:12:56 by Marrax

Hey guys Andrew here... I just really quick made a header & pic (if you are reading this you should see it)
but I know its simple but it was a bitch of a time trying to get it to work & there must be a simpler way to do this.... but anyway tell me how you like & thats.... pretty.... much it....


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2008-01-08 02:54:07

dude, I'm sorry for the way I acted, it was kind of uncalled for.....


2008-02-24 20:26:04

That's pretty cool how the images kinda fit together.
Unique, good job.
But the blood, body stance and face on the right guy don't look good.

Marrax responds:

Thanks, Simple for now.... mainly just testing out how to do it.. once i get around to making another it will look a hell of a lot better.